Letter #270: Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

June 28, 2011

Dear Sunday,

You are a K-West favorite. We love you at camp…LOTS! The crazy thing about you is that we don’t have you the same day as the rest of the world. We have you on Wednesday during week one of each term and on Tuesday during week two.

Why?? Well, our sweet campers arrive at camp on Saturday, therefore day two would equal sleeping in, church and no classes. This would not be good for our campers. It allows campers and staff to have two days of rest in the middle of the term which, in my opinion, makes for a better camp experience. Thus, today, we have you!

The Bible says to keep the Sabbath holy…well, we may choose when our Sabbath is, but we take this seriously. Sleep in a little, Kanakuk’s famous coffee cake, church, small groups, free time for campers, a fried chicken lunch, extended FOB (flat on back=chill time in cabins) and a fun afternoon activity!

I love the structure of a normal camp day, but I LOVE the laid back nature of you around camp. More and more I’m learning the value of rest. Camp is exhausting, so rest is good for both campers and staff. Lord, thanks for setting the example for us in our need for rest. Thanks for being worthy of us keeping an entire day holy and set apart for your sake. Thanks for letting the decision makers here let us sleep in on camp Sundays!!

May today be fun, restful and remembrance filled,

Sunday lover


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