Letter #271: Crosstalk

June 29, 2011

Dear Crosstalk,

You are the night we get to corporately share the Gospel at camp. Sure, spiritual conversation is happening all term long, but this is the night we know every camper has heard the Gospel clearly. Wow, what an opportunity to get to share the Gospel with 300ish kampers every term!

I love this picture from you. What a neat depiction of the Gospel. This year you are very factual and Scripture based. I LOVE this. Basically we walk through who God is. He is love, judge and holy. God fervently loves us. Heck, He gave up His Son for us. However, He is also a Righteous Judge. There are things that God can’t approve of or be ok with because it goes against His character. Sin is in opposition to God. This brings us to His holiness. God is set apart. Nothing is like Him. He is worthy because He is holy.

Next, we line out who man is. Man was created perfect, but we jacked that up in the Garden of Eden. Now, man is sinful…all of us. Because of our sin we deserve death, seperation from God. He is holy; we are not. Our wretchedness can’t be in the presence of God because He is holy. In comparison, God and man don’t line up. We suck in comparison to God. In a culture where everyone gets an award/trophy, this is hard to comprehend. The reality is we are sinners and deserve death.

Thus, God and man are seperated and there is no way for man to get to God. We try to fill in the gap with our works sometimes, but the Bible tells us even our best works are like filthy rags. Good deeds, positive attitude, attending church, avoiding the ‘big sins,’ none of these things are capable of filling the gap. Now we have eliminated works as an option to bridging the gap.

How will it ever be bridged? Well, the good news is that in God’s love and perfection, He made a way for the gap to be filled. He sent His Son, Jesus, to live a perfect life and die an undeserved, sinless death to take our place in the death we deserve. Jesus is the only way to bridge the gap. When we acknowledge our sinfulness and need for a Savior and put Christ on the throne in our lives, we are saved from judgment and eternal seperation from God. The gap is bridged by Christ. He is the only way to bridge the gap.

Although I’ve already made the decision to follow and obey Christ, I am overwhelmed by thankfulness when I’m compared to God. I suck and desereve death and hell. God is good and perfect and doesn’t have to show me any mercy, but He does. Thank you Lord.

Praying I would continue to be overwhelmed by Your mercies,

Grateful for the Gospel


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