Letter #272: Mail Age

June 30, 2011

Dear mail,

I’ve made many of jokes about the correlation of you to my age. The longer I spend at camp, the more and more my mail flow depletes! It’s hilarious actually. Counselors will make comments about how they’re sad they didn’t get mail, and I just have to bite my long from telling them to suck it up. The longer someone spends at camp, the more people become used to them being gone for three months a year. It becomes normal.

This isn’t a pity party for me, but a simple acknowledgment of how time at camp changes over the years. There are many differennces the more times I come back to this place. You are simply one of them.

I love receiving you and am terrible at writing you. I’m thankful for the pieces of you I have received. Thanks for being an easy way to brighten our staff and campers’ days. In an age of technology, you’re really fun!

Snail mail is the best,

Fan of the written word


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