Letter #275: Determined Mom

July 3, 2011

Dear self,

Last night a mom and her daughter arrived at camp at 11 pm after the most hectic day of traveling I’ve ever heard. Missed flight, new flights, rented car, driving for hours just to get her daughter to camp on the right day. Literally after introducing myself the mom proceeded to tell me she was turning around to drive back to Tulsa to catch a flight home this morning…3 1/2 more hours. After offering her a place to stay for the night with no luck convincing her, we got her on her way. The office girls and I got the camper settled in her cabin among her already sleeping cabin mates and called it good until this morning.

So, random story I know. However, to me it’s not that random. Quirky stuff like this happens everyday at camp, and we just learn to roll with it. This is one of the happenings that got me thinking.

I want to be the kind of mom that will go out of my way for my kids…assuming I have kids. I don’t want to enable them, but I want them to know they will be fought for and how much they are loved. Sure, I could’ve been annoyed that we had to go to stay up waiting and stir an entire cabin to get a kid in bed. Instead I was blown away by how much a mother would do for her child.

This mom was determined to get her kid to camp. I want to be this determined about something in life. No, I don’t have a kid to get to camp, but I do work in 100 degree weather everyday with kids who’s moms were determined to get them here. I want to be determined to do things well, to execute them to the best of my ability. I want to be faithful and loving. I want to be the person who will drive through the night to make sure her kid gets to camp.

Thankful for random, eye-opening moments such as these,

Observer of Mother/Daughter Relationships


One comment

  1. I love this story! And the way you related it to your own role at kamp…. putting forth everything every day to love on those kids to the best of your ability! praying for an extra amount of energy and love for each day so that you can continue making a difference this summer! Love you

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