Letter #276: 4th of July

July 4, 2011

Dear July 4th,

You are one of my favorite holidays, if not my actual favorite! You are easily my favorite day of the summer…great food, fun people, giant pool party, red, white and blue color scheme through everyone’s attire, waking up to fireworks (the only day of the year this is acceptable!) and going to bed to fireworks, patriotic music…honestly, the list could go on and on. I LOVE you, and if I would have been a camper, I would’ve wanted to come to camp during you!

The flip side of you is that it’s one of my favorite holidays to spend with family and for the past six years this has been a no go. I miss just hanging out at the lake, grilling out, shooting fireworks, catching up with family and friends and having zero responsibility! Family, know that you are missed even as much as I love camp’s version of you.

So, we celebrate America’s freedom as a little K-West family, and it’s awesome! Thankful to have such great people to celebrate with and to work at a place that lets us be crazy and fun. I’m also thankful to live in America…as many issues as we have, we still have a ton of liberties other places don’t.

I’m proud to be an American…(Lee Greenwood for President!),

4th of July Lover


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