Letter #280: Mdub!

July 8, 2011

Dear concerts,

I’ve experienced more of you this summer than ever anticipated! Last term Lecrae came, and last night Micheal W. Smith put on a super fun show! Now, I have to be honest and say that outside of the token graduation song, “Friends are Friends Forever,” I didn’t know who Mdub was before I got to camp. I didn’t grow up on Christian pop tunes, but a ton of people my age did.

It’s also important to clarify that many of our campers probably have no idea who Mbud is because, well, they don’t even know who N’Sync is. However, Mdub has been writing camp theme songs for years, so if nothing else they’ve heard those. Honestly, I don’t think it would matter who was on stage…the majority of our kids would have a blast. And of course I just danced the night away and had a truckload of fun! Oh, and this whole social media gig gives me the right to get on stage to film…hilarious! 

Mdub, thanks for coming! It’s always fun to change up our schedule and have be crazy for an evening. I always want to attend another one of you…you’ve given me the concert bug…who will it be?!

I may have missed out my first 19 years of life, but I’m now an Mdub fan,

Concert Enthusiast


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