Letter #281: Slip n’ Slide Fun!

July 9, 2011

Dear camp,

There are many reasons that I love you, but moments like this have to be at the top of the list! Moments when you just get to be a kid, let loose and have a blast in the midst of campers. Today was one of those days. Slip n’ slide instead of specialties for basketball and tennis (yes, I’ve become quite the tennis teacher this summer!). The campers LOVED it, but the staff and I probably loved it just as much.

Abbey and I on the starting blocks with sheer intimidation in our eyes!

Abbey missed the start; I tried to stop mid run; result: falling flat on my rear and head!

I made it all the way down solo!

I sprinted up the hill for round 2!

Abbey took the lead and the win...

Obviously I wasn't to mad about losing because it's that awesome!!!

This was my first run of the summer on the newest addition to the Lampe camps. I’ve learned that I really LOVE having fun. I may be intense about life at times, but I genuinely just love to be a kid at heart and have fun! Make sure you go out and have some fun this summer!

Of course I would wipe out on the slip n’ slide,

Fun Lover


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