Letter #282: The Deep…

July 10, 2011

Dear conversation,

You make me tick. If I didn’t already know, then I do now…I am recharged by you. I look forward to who I get to talk to and engage with each day. However in the midst of you, I long for depth. I struggle with shallow conversation. Let me rephrase: I love to joke around and laugh with people, but I would rather dive into a deep conversation and hear about what someone’s learning or dealing with than their pet or major any day.

Yesterday I ended up getting to have about six of you that got me fired up. Some were about struggles, others about the true definition of a guy being a spiritual leader. Some were about going back to school and making a difference, others about the hilarity of campers! My favorite of them all was the fact that I had three individual conversations with counselors who are fired up about knowing their Bible better and are actively trying to figure out how to study for themselves. If there is one thing I would hope staff would take away from their time at K-West, it would be for them to know truth for themselves rather than what they’ve been told their whole lives.

It’s normal for me to get fired up when I’m in the middle of you, but I was fired up and excited in the midst of these conversations. College aged girls are acknowledging their inadequacies and desiring to obtain wisdom. Getting to talk through this desire and what to do with it has definitely been a highlight of my summer thus far. If even just one of them takes advantage of their college years to really get a grasp on Scripture, they will have been more successful with their time than I was in college. My prayer for them is that they would continue to long for Scripture and apply it to their every day lives.

Grateful for you on so many levels,

Deep Conversation Lover


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