Dear Readers attempting to figure out who I am and what this is about,
I’m just a girl living her rookie year of real life (for those confused, it’s my first year having a real job and paying my own bills!). My job centers around people…getting to know them for who they are, what they believe, how the Lord has worked in their life or why they don’t believe He even exists. This already sounds like a sweet gig to me, but to top it off, I get to travel the country meeting and reconnecting with the before mentioned people.
The number of people I’m going to meet and interact with as well as the amount of places I’m going to get to see this year are astronomical. *Insert reason for starting this blog.*
I’ve decided to keep track of my year by writing letters on this blog along the way. I will document people I see, places I explore, lessons I learn, ridiculous happenings and anything else you can imagine. At the very least, I will have a collection of the whirlwind I’m about to begin. At best, a few people will read along the way and have a laugh or be able to relate to a post.
Either way, saddle up. This graduate of Oklahoma State University, of the Kanakuk Institute and of the days of relying on mom and dad has grown up and is stepping into the real world. As I pack my bags, you can’t come with me but you can watch from afar as I travel the country and learn about this thing we call life.
Much love,


  1. Linds,
    So excited to start reading about your adventures in Branson. Somehow I feel like there will be many great stories here… that will make us all laugh. Glad you are still enjoying your job and loving life. See you Friday

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